Concepts for the Outcast Hero universe and the movie's plot points start to form. Many sketches developing the main and supporting cast are produced.





Work on the first version of Outcast Hero's animatic begins.






Outcast Hero's first animatic is completed and test screened. Critique is gathered from test screeners. Using that critique, the Outcast Hero universe, movie script and consequently the animatic, are refined.






A break is taken from Outcast Hero in order to create a test prequel short, Outcast Hope. This allows for deeper exploration and development of main characters and the world of the movie. During the production of the short, Outcast Hero's script is tweaked further.






Outcast Hope is completed and screened at a short film festival.






Return to work on updating Outcast Hero's animatic, to create the second version. The script continues to evolve.





Outcast Hero's animatic enters version 2.5. Updates continue.





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