Production Notes




"Outcast Hero" aims to be a plot-driven and thoughtful adventure story - something that won't be relying heavily upon the kinds of special effects that Hollywood studios have within easy access. The idea is to get the most out of the limited tool range we have. To form characters that are deep and realistic despite their fictional circumstances. To create something so engaging that the audience won't be concerned about the movie's duration.





To be brutally honest, "Outcast Hero" is a massive experiment and a learning process all rolled into one. I've never done anything like this before, and have gathered more media experience and knowledge from working on this project than my time in college had to offer.


I'd had a notion to create an animated movie for a while, but it had been more of a fanciful wish than a definite intention - kept underfoot by the belief that only those with studios full of animators or backing from major companies could ever do such a thing. Then I learned about independent film making and decided to do something a little bit nuts - make an animated movie by myself.


Tyler Gibb was somewhat responsible for this. I'd watched his now-finished production "Minushi" from its early-ish days and it sparked in me a desire to follow in his footsteps. The thought that something so professional-looking could be pulled off by one person seemed excitingly absurd at the time. I figured if Tyler could do it, why not me?


But I haven't been entirely alone, thankful to say. "Outcast Hero" would not have made it this far if it wasn't for my ever-supportive team of friends who have contributed ideas, refined scenes and dedicated their voices to temporary audio tracks.


My current goal is making the movie as solid as possible, and have been working on bringing the animatic to a satisfactory level. I do not yet know what form the following stages of movie production will take, or whom will be involved.



"Outcast Hero" and associated characters, locations and concepts (c)2006-18 Gemma V.L Bright.

"Outcast Hero" is a product of Niftihalo Studios. Hosted by 123-reg.