"Outcast Hero" is an ongoing independent animated sci-fi feature film project. It is being created with no additional funding, using a very small production team. You can check out its progress using the links above. However, expect mild to moderate spoilers.






Muxlowe Daemyn has three days to save his homeworld.

Unfortunately for him, he's just been thrown off it.


With his ability to generate energy having earned him fame across the multi-system, chimerite hero Muxlowe Daemyn thinks he is unbeatable. At least until the morning he wakes to discover he's inexplicably taken on another form. With no chance to protest, Muxlowe finds himself branded and expatriated - heading straight into the clutches of the most feared species of his generation. Now it's a race against time for Muxlowe and his companions to seek out the cause of his change of species, and its ties to a greater threat that looms over Planet Tagen.


But it sure isn't easy trying to save the world when you're not quite yourself.



"Outcast Hero" has been a massive experiment and a learning process all rolled into one. I've gained a huge amount of valuable writing, directing, staging and editing experience over the course of working on it.


If you take away nothing else from visiting this site, I want you to feel as energized as I felt when I realised that you didn't need a hundred employees or major studio backing to make what was in your head tangible. The internet and accessibility of film making technology has now brought that opportunity into the hands of even more self-motivated artists. Tyler Gibb's "Minushi" gave me the energy to attempt this project, and perhaps seeing all the work that's gone into Outcast Hero can do that for you.

 - Gemma Bright





"Outcast Hero" and associated characters, locations and concepts (c)2006-19 Gemma V.L Bright.

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